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After a successful re-start of Amundsen Race last February and having enjoyed a wonderful summer time, the board of Amundsen Race is fully charged for the next edition of our wonderful race! The 2023 race takes place during week 8, from 23-26 February 2023. Race registration opens mid-day (12:00) on Monday 10 October 2022.

We have uploaded the preliminary program (subject to change) and updated the registration information, please take a look at these pages.

Quick facts about Amundsen Race 2023:

  • Date: 23 – 26 February 2023
  • 2 distances, ca 350 km and 180 km (updated according to last edition’s actual distances)
  • AR350: 8 and 12 dog class
  • AR180: 8 dog class
  • 50 participants maximum, board reserves the right to equally divide number of participants over the 2 distances
  • Direction 350 km: Strömsund – Ursvattnet – Tåsjö – Norråker – Strömsund (finish at Jobb Center)
  • Direction 180 km: Strömsund – Ursvattnet – Norråker – Tåsjö (finish at Fjällsikten restaurant)
  • Registration fees: 350 km 12-dog class 4.800SEK / 350 km 8-dog class 4.300SEK / 180 km 8-dog class 3.200SEK

We hope to see YOU at the starting line and in the meantime, enjoy more pictures and videos that we’ve collected over the past few months and have uploaded here.

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The start area at Hembygdsgården, AR2022. In the upper left corner a glimpse of the well-known Strömsund Bridge
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