Winners of Amundsen Race 2022!

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We are proud to present you the winner podium of Amundsen Race 2022!

AR320 class:

  • 1st place: Salva Luque
  • 2nd place: Cédric Lemoin
  • 3rd place: Ronja Persson

AR170 class:

  • 1st place: Marco Wyss
  • 2nd place: Isabelle Travadon
  • 3rd place: Christine Walter

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all 6 of you and to ALL other mushers that made it to the finish line. Very well done, you completed your journey with your team! We hope you enjoyed Amundsen Race and hope to welcome you back at the starting line again in the future.

THANK YOU to ALL in some way involved in making this race possible! Please allow us a few days for the aftermath and to collect all pictures; we will upload them onto the website as soon as we can.

Warm regards, The Amundsen Race Team

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