The local enthusiasts are celebrated before Amundsen Race

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Östersunds-Posten 18 februari 2024

55 teams with close to 500 dogs from 12 different countries. The Amundsen Race attracts participants from all over the world, but if it weren’t for all the local enthusiasts, the competition would not be possible.

When the start goes from the homestead in Strömsund on February 23, there are roughly 50 dog teams that set out on the tough ride. From Strömsund towards Lövberga, across Ursvattnet on to Tåsjöberget, towards Norråker and back to Tåsjö. A distance of 350 kilometers.

The Amundsen Sled Dog Race starts at the hembygdsgården in Strömsund. The finish line takes place at Fjällsikten – Tåsjöberge.

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Amundsen Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race - Strömsund

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