All who participate in Amundsen Race and/or import dogs to Sweden from other countries should be aware about up to date import regulations. It is the participants own responsibility to get informed about these rules.

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All dogs coming from other countries then Sweden and Norway must have a valid Rabies vaccination. All dogs, regardless their land of origin, must be vaccinated against puppy disease, Parvo and infectious liver disease. Dogs vaccinated for first time should not have a vaccination which is older than 1 year (365 days). Revaccinated dogs (with other documented vaccinations on their vaccination booklet) should not have vaccinations which are older than 4 years on the day of racing. Vaccination should be done at least 14 days before the start of the race and Rabies at least 21 days before start. It is also recommended that participating dogs are vaccinated against para influensa (kennel cough).

Deworming regulations have been changed from previous years as echinococos have been found on several locations in Sweden. Therefore Sweden cannot be considered free of the Worm anymore. Still, it is recommended to deworm dogs which are likely to have been into contact with rodents, such as mice before entering Sweden.

From 1 May 2013 new rules apply for dogs traveling from Sweden (and any other country) to Norway. Dogs need to have been dewormed against echinococos. Deworming has to been given 1-5 days before entrance to Norway, administered and documented by a veterinarian in the dog’s EU Passport.

Demand for deworming against echinococos for dogs from Sweden does even apply to enter countries like Finland, UK, Ireland and Malta. Deworming should have been administered 24-120 hours before entering the country. It is no longer possible to deworm directly after passing the border.

Veterinarians of Amundsen Race have offered to help with the administering of the deworming and signing of the Passports of the dogs, free of charge, on the condition that the musher provides the dewormingtablets. (We recommend to buy the deworming tablets beforehand as we cannot guarantee the pharmacy in Strömsund has sufficient in stock)

As a groundrule are all medications for dogs as well as doping of dogs and driver prohibited. When a participant is caught with medication in the sled, the participant runs the risk of being disqualified. Many medications have also quarantine rules, which means that those cannot be given a certain number of days before a race. For details about medications of dogs, see the website of not in english).

Here you find the Swedish anti-doping rules (in swedish) and ATC-list with medication and actual quatatine

In case of allowed necessary medication, please contact the race marshal in good time before the race to avoid misunderstanding.

Note: The Swedish anti-doping regulations are tougher than the common set of rules for IFSS.

Pet passport for every individual dog is required to enter Sweden.

From 29 decmber 2014 new rules apply in EU: For more information look at the Jordbruksverkets website here.

From 1 May 2013. Entry to Norway with 5 or more dogs requires a healthcertificate which is provided by veterinarians approved by the Norwegian Food Department (Mattilsynet). The certificate is valid for 4 months. Before departure to Norway the dogs are to be checked by a veterinarian within 24 hours and the veterinarian has to document the execution of the Control in the dog’s Passport.

The veterinarians on Amundsen – Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race offer this service for free, directly after the race. Please inform race officials at the regestration if you need a Health certificate after the race.