The veterinarians will look after the dogs best interests, from the time the dogs are inspected the day before the start of the competition until the team reaches the finish line.

Veterinarians will be on hand for drivers and dogs at each checkpoint where they can provide professional advice and guidance to each driver. Dogs taken out of competition are cared for by a veterinarian on site and can receive treatment if needed.

When the last team has crossed the finish line, the veterinarians select the driver who they believe took the best care of their dogs during the 300 km long competition. The “Best dog care” award is a much appreciated feature in connection with the award ceremony and the winner of the award always goes home as a proud driver.

Steinar Dagestad

Steinar Dagestad

Chief Veterinarian
Steinar Dagestad graduated as a veterinarian at the Norwegian Veterinary College in 1994. Steinar started at Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital in 2017.

Steinar is a Long-term competition veterinarian for sleddog races at home and abroad

Hans Nieuwendijk

The Netherlands
drs. Hans Nieuwendijk
Veterinary Surgeon, advisor and trainer in anesthesiology

Hans Nieuwendijk has approximately 10 years of experience as a veterinarian in primary practice (exclusively companion animals) and over 20 years of experience as a surgeon in a second-line practice. He treated many work/sport dogs there.
In addition, He has a lot of experience with snow and cold, especially in Scandinavia (Hardangervidda, Sarek, Tromso).

Paul verschueren

The Netherlands

Graduated from utrecht university in 2002, moved to the UK in 2002 where I have worked just north of London for the last 20 years treating only small animals mainly dogs and cats. Finished my certificate in small animal soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery in 2012 and became and RCVS recognised advanced practitioner in small animal surgery in 2013.
I am the clinical director and owner of 2 clinics in Leighton buzzard and Dunstable, where I perform weekly advanced surgery on stifles and other parts of dogs and cats.
I have at home a jack russell called Tiny and 2 cats called Lily and Flash.

Hanna Smedstad

Hanna Smedstad has several years of experience from both the Femundløpet, Finnmarksløpet, Polardistans and Amundsen races in 2017 & 2018.