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AR 2023

Salva Luque Winner AR350 12 Dogs 2023
Alex Serdjukov Winner AR350 8 Dogs 2023
Rachel Frei Bandieri Winner AR180 8 Dogs 2023
Salva Luque (ES) 1st. Place AR350-12
Bernhard Schuchert (DE) 2nd. Place AR350-12
Ronja Persson (SE) 3rd place AR350-12
Alex Serdjukov (AT) 1st. Place AR350-8
David Passy (FR) 2de. Place AR350-8

Rachel Frei Bandieri (CH) 1st. Place AR180

Roland Dubelly (CH) 2nd. Place AR180

Steffen Zilling (DE) 3rd. Place AR180
Salva Luque (ES) 1st. Place 12 Dogs
Ronja Persson (SE) 3rd Place 12 Dogs

Results AR320 12-dog class 2022
Results AR170 8-dog class 2022

Results 12-dog class – 2018
Result 8-dog class – 2018

Results 12dog class – 2017
Results 8-dog class – 2017

Results 12-dog class 2015
Results 8-dog class 2015

Results 12-dog class 2014
Results 8-dog class 2014

Results 12-dog class 2013
Results 8-dog class 2013

1:ste place Juho Ylipiessa (in the middel ), 2:nd Petter Karlsson (left) and 3:rd Michael Jeckel (right)

Results 2011
Results Duo 2011

Bjørnar Andersen Winner AR420 12 Dogs 2009

Results 2009

Robert Sørlie Winner AR420 12 Dogs 2008

Results 2008