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AR 2024

Cédric Lemoine (FR)Winner AR350-12 dogs class
Lea Dobringer (DE) Winner AR350-8 Dogs class
Taisto Torneus (SE)Winner AR180-8 Dogs class

Swedish Championship Middle Long Distance 2024:

  • 1. place: Taisto Torneus – Gold Medal and Swedish Champion
  • 2. place: Anna-Lena Hallergren – Silver Medal
  • 3. place: Roger Alm – Bronze Medal
Salva Luque Winner AR350 12 Dogs 2023
Alex Serdjukov Winner AR350 8 Dogs 2023
Rachel Frei Bandieri Winner AR180 8 Dogs 2023
Salva Luque (ES) 1st. Place AR350-12
Bernhard Schuchert (DE) 2nd. Place AR350-12
Ronja Persson (SE) 3rd place AR350-12
Alex Serdjukov (AT) 1st. Place AR350-8
David Passy (FR) 2de. Place AR350-8

Rachel Frei Bandieri (CH) 1st. Place AR180

Roland Dubelly (CH) 2nd. Place AR180

Steffen Zilling (DE) 3rd. Place AR180

Results AR350 12-dog class 2023

Results AR350 8-dog class 2023

Results AR180 8-dog class 2023

Salva Luque (ES) 1st. Place 12 Dogs
Ronja Persson (SE) 3rd Place 12 Dogs

Results AR320 12-dog class 2022
Results AR170 8-dog class 2022

Results 12-dog class – 2018
Result 8-dog class – 2018

Results 12dog class – 2017
Results 8-dog class – 2017

Results 12-dog class 2015
Results 8-dog class 2015

Results 12-dog class 2014
Results 8-dog class 2014

Results 12-dog class 2013
Results 8-dog class 2013

1:ste place Juho Ylipiessa (in the middel ), 2:nd Petter Karlsson (left) and 3:rd Michael Jeckel (right)

Results 2011
Results Duo 2011

Bjørnar Andersen Winner AR420 12 Dogs 2009

Results 2009

Robert Sørlie Winner AR420 12 Dogs 2008

Results 2008