Mandatory gear is a GPS device with a Digital TOPO Map of Sweden and tracks loaded on it.

The GPS tracks are now available on the GPS download page!

GPS tracks download page

The GPS tracks will also contains waypoints, like road crossings, dangerous spots etc. on the track.

it will be available in one combined download file and as separate downloads for each stage.

If you need assistance with the installation of the GPS files / Topo Maps please contact us at the Race Office.

Below you find digital Topo maps which will have enough detail. Options for Garmin, Android Phone, iPhone and Apple Watch devices

Note: Make sure you use a device which can handle cold weather conditions!

Amundsen Race Topo Map (For GarminFree download)

Amundsen 500 Topo Map (For Garmin devices up to 500 Custom Maps)

Amundsen 100 Topo Map (For Garmin devices up to 100 Custom Maps)


This is a custom map created by Amundsen Race and it is based on the Lantmäteriet Vägkartan maps. With thanks to Örnsätrarn who did a great job for creating the tiles. This map has a very high detail.

Note: The map contains only the area where Amundsen Race is held.

Please check out if your Garmin device supports custom maps by following the link to the Garmin support page.

Note: Garmin devices like eTrex Series, GPSMap 62/78, GPSMAP 276Cx, Dakota Series, Colorado 300/400 Series, Rino 600/750 only support 100 Custom Maps instead up to 500 Custom Maps like the Garmin GPSMAP 64,65,66,79,86 Series, Montana Series, Oregon 600,700, Monterra.

  • Download the correct zip file (100 or 500 maps) for your device by clicking one of the links above.
  • Unpack it.
  • Connect your GPS with a USB cable and copy the resulting AR Topo 2024.kmz file to the Garmin/CustomMaps directory on internal memory.
  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Go to the main menu of your GPS.
    • Select “Map” option and press Menu.
    • Select “Map Setup.
    • Select Configure Maps”.
    • Select “Custom Maps”.
    • Select AR Topo 2024.kmz Map 2024
    • Select “Enable”.
  • It can be possible that you have to zoom in to 3km level to see the map.
AR Topo 2024 (Garmin)

The extracted AR Topo file can also be viewed directly in Google Earth and Garmin Basecamp.

Open Topo Winter II (Garmin Topo Map – Free download)

Garmin Open Topo Pro v6 (Price 1.799,- SEK)

Topo GPS App Android/Apple (Price 3,99 EUR)