Race rules – Amundsen Race

Download the IFSS 2024-2026 Race Rules as pdf
Download Swedish National Supplementary Regulations 2023-2024 as pdf

Last Update: 2024-06-19
The race is judged according to the IFSS rules

In order to start in the Amundsen Race one needs to have a valid race license and the dogs should be vaccinated and ID marked (chipped). Musher’s with a Swedish racing license also need to have the ‘Green Card’.

The sled should be equipped with sufficient brakes, scooter mat, brush bow, TWO snow hooks as well as sled bag. The scooter mat should be of sufficient size to control the team. The scooter mat should be attached to the sled by a stable “tip-up-system”.

A quick release hook should be used as extra security at the start of the race.

Note: We will use ATV’s to bring you safely from the start area to the start queue.

Note 2: If there are differences in the translation, the English rules prevail!

Note 3: Liability insurance is mandatory for drivers and handlers covering the risks of sled dog racing and all consequences.

§ 1 Reindeer

§ 2 Team size/class

§ 3 Dog drop

§ 4 Micro chipping

§ 5 Snow-plowed roads

§ 6 Start

§ 7 Outside assistance

§ 8 Assistance at checkpoints

§ 9 Mandatory layover

§ 10 Time alignment

§ 11 Checkpoints

§ 12 Last time out

§ 13 Depot

§ 14 Mandatory gear

§ 15 Reflective marking

§ 16 Veterinary handbook

§ 17 Caring and feeding of dogs

§ 18 Dead dog

§ 19 Tow lines and hooks

§ 20 No Man’s Land

§ 21 Breaking the rules

§ 22 Littering of the trail, parking area and checkpoints

§ 23 Other general rules

Veterinary information and anti-doping rules

Participants are obliged to understand and adhere to the vet information the organizer has distributed.

As musher YOU have by entering Amundsen Race, committed yourself to follow the present anti-doping regulations concerning both driver RF´s doping regulations www.rf.se as well as the national doping regulations for dogs at www.skk.se.

Protests shall be submitted to the race marshal/jury in writing no later than one (1) hour after reaching the finishing line. The protest submission fee is 200,– SEK.

Protest Form

Good luck!