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Saturday the 13th of august we held a workning and planning day for the working group, even two members of the clubb came and gave a helping hand. We moved gear for the competition, fixed in the checkpoint area and had a planning meeting. The competition will bee mainly in Storåbränna where the snow condition are better and the village is positive to the hole arrangement. It’s very positive for us in the planning group to here all positive comment and early interest from you mushers!

On the meeting it where decided that limited numbers of team is 50 and waitinglist will be possible as earlier years. The distance will be app. 300 km and there will be both 8 and 12 dog team classes.
Our head responsible for the track is rigth now i dialog with county government (Länsstyrelsen) and other involved parties about the track. We hope it will be ready soon and the goal is to open the registration by 1th of october.

We are glad that Steinar Dagestad even in 2017 will be the cheif veterinary. He and the rest of the will take good care of the fourlegged athletes during the competition.
A new member in the working group is Trude Austvik Wirén and she will be our sponsor responsible. Some of you maybe know Trude from her business Åredalens hund & häst.
Before the registration opens we will go through the rules and adjust these. Changes made later will be announced on the website.

//The Organisation group.

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