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Checkpoint Norråker

Checkpoint 1 and 2 is in Norråker, about 100 km north west of Strömsund, about one and a half hour’s drive away.

The checkpoint area is located near Parken (the Park) in Norråker. Close to Parken will also be a parking area for the handler’s cars. In Parken, there are bathrooms and sleeping area for the mushers. Simple food/sandwich/coffee will be for sale inside Parken during the race.

Handlers and traveling companions are welcomed to book a place to sleep on in the school’s gym, about 500 m from Parken. There are no possibilities to cook any meal there. Sleeping places are to be booked at the secretary on Thursday while checking in, cost 200 SEK/person and last from Friday night until Sunday morning.

Other alternatives for accommodation can be found at

Food/coffee/sandwich cab be bought in Parken during the race.

For more service, please turn to Norråkers Handel (open friday 10-18 and saturday 10-14) and the gas station (open saturday 10-17).

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