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1th october kl 00.00 registration opens for Amundsen Race 2018.

Information about registration and payment etc. you will find here 

In 2018 the start will be back in Strömsund, but the start will be on a friday afternoon, finish line and banquet will be in Storåbränna. Tha trail will be spilt in for stages and with 3 checkpoints. The main center of the race will be in and around Big River Camp in Soråbränna.

The race is now located in different places, therefore the musher needs a handler to secure care and welfare of dogs whos taken out of race, overview the team while resting in checkpoint and clean up after the team left checkpoint.

Race rules has been updated, any future adjustment will be published on the website and Facebook.


As previos years a large part of the trails is located in grazing land and migratory routes for reindeers, and there are some reservations in our state that may cause us to adapt trails, based on if there are reindeer in the area for the actual time. It’s in interest for all involved sides that the movement of the reindeers at their winter grazing outside the race area succeed, but the utmost consequence may be that we’re forced to cancel the race if there is too much reindeers in the area. Final reply we get at least one month before the race, even earlier if the move of reindeers has succeeded. In case of cancelling the race the entire starting fee will be refunded without delay or limit.




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