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Amundsen Race 2018 is now over and we want to thank everyone who made the race possible.

Thanks to all the musher who started the race despite the change of trail.

Thanks to all the volunteers, including veterinarians, race marshal, photographers and road guards, who contributed with their time and their good mood.

Thanks to our collaborators: Strömsunds skoterklubb, Lövberga skoterklubb, Havsnäsbygdens skoterklubb, Övre Flåsjöbygdens snöskoterklubb, Norråkers IF, Hotel Nordica and Eken Textil.

Thanks to our sponsors: Aclima, Axaeco, Barocook, Fröken Z, ICA Simonsson i Strömsund, Ivars bil, Lakehouse Media, Mediaprofil, Mittnorrlands djursjukvård, Non-Stop, Royal Canin, Skärvången Bymejeri AB, Sportringen i Krokom, Vildmannensdrag and Vom o hundmat.

Thanks to our main sponsors: ENGCON, SDSF (Svenska Draghundsportförbundet) and STRÖMSUNDS KOMMUN.

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Amundsen Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race - Strömsund

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