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After an extra board meeting this week we have decided that Amundsenrace 2018 will be re-routed towards the village of Norråker (instead of Storåbränna). Start and finish will be in Strömsund and checkponit will be in Norråker.

The reason for this big change is that until today we have not received permission from the Sami community in Hotagsfjällen to cross their reindeer land around Storåbränna checkpoint. We can’t wait any longer with the event organisation and therefore we have come up with what we think is a worthy alternative route. We have positive confirmation from Norråker community and with Rikard Harrysson (also the man behind Beaver Trap Trail race) offering his support we have a very good feeling about this new trail, even though it will mean a lot of work with all the required changes and preparing new trails.

At the same time however, we would like to express our sadness concerning not being able to be in Storåbränna, where we experienced good support from the local scooter club, the city and Big River Camp.


The new trail outline:

Stage 1 (ca 110km) will start at Hembygdsgården in Strömsund as planned. The trail leads over Vattudalen (lake), where own trails will lead towards the scooter trails over Malmsjön (lake) and further up to the village of Lövberga, where we pass the road E45. After that the route continues on scooter trails passing Järvsand (village) and over Ritjelsberget (mountain) to Alanäset (village), with another road crossing over road 342. Further towards Gubbhögen (village), where we’ll cross road 342 again, via Siljeåsen (village) and Skansnäset (village) to Norråker. Contains a hilly part over the mountains.

Checkpoint 1 at Norråker park.

Stage 2 (ca 70 km): will run on an existing 50km trail around Norråker, with an extension that we’ll create north of the village.

Checkpoint 2 at Norråker park.

Stage 3 (ca 90km). This stage will use the same route back via Skansnäset, Siljeåsen, Gubbhögen, Alanäset and up Ritjelsberget again. From there we’ll take the scooter trails back to Strömsund which will most likely lead via Ursvattnet (lake), Järilvattnet (lake) and Nördsjön (lake). Contains a hilly part over the mountain again.

Finish area at the northern beach side of Vattudal in Strömsund.

With this new trail the total distance for Amundsen Race 2018 adds up to around 270 km.


Contact details for accommodation for handlers and traveling companion at the Norråker can be found on the community website:  

For other question about Norråker you are welcome to contact Rickard Harrysson at


The sports hall in Norråker is also available for resting and sleeping for a small payment (note: no beds, please take care of your own sleeping gear). Mushers will be provided a sleeping area directly at the checkpoint, using own sleeping gear.


In Strömsund accommodation is available for rent at Strömsunds camping:


IMPORTANT: we urge those of you that booked accommodation in Storåbränna to cancel it as soon as possible, in order for Big River Camp owner Berne to book in other guests.


We’ll come out with more detailed information as soon as we have it!


On behalf of the Amundsen Race 2018 Organisation Group,

Johan Sernheim, trail responsible

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