Important information to all Amundsen Race participants!

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The organisation committee obviously follows all local rules & regulations with respect to COVID19. As the situation may change at any time, we urge all teams, mushers AND handlers, to prepare for the worst case scenario where you have to stay outside at checkpoints and provide for yourselves, This means the following:

  • Mushers shall carry a winter sleeping bag and extreme winter bag (or tent) in the sled and are prepared for having to rest/sleep with their dogs in checkpoints. (This is mandatory equipment, see the list in the race rules.
  • We strongly advise handlers to prepare for sleeping/resting in their vehicles as well
  • We strongly advise both mushers and handlers to provide enough food for the entire duration of the race
  • Off course there is access to water at all times
  • Access to toilets in CP Norråker & Fjällsikten
  • A tip is also to have a power bank for charging of phones

As it looks right now:

  • We can have a physical musher meeting (in 2 shifts) and registration office indoors at Folkets Hus in Strömsund
  • Mushers and/or handlers can NOT go inside at Norråker CP, other than using the bathroom. We will probably sell some simple warm food outside there.
  • Mushers & handlers CAN go inside the restaurant at Fjällsikten CP and we CAN serve food inside there. Most likely we will have to limit the amount of people staying inside the restaurant at one time but in that case we will take turns, please follow our directions and warning signs.

This is all quite sad news, but this is the reality that we have to deal with. Main thing is that we can execute the race itself in a safe way! We will update you here and on Facebook at all times if things change. We expect an announcement about possible new regulations on Feb 8.


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