CP Ursvattnet = Wilderness checkpoint (no handlers)

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It is written in the rules and the checkpoint information, but after some questions we want to point out once more that there are depots only in CP’s Norråker and Fjällsikten, not in Ursvattnet. Ursvattnet is a wilderness checkpoint for both classes, AR320 and AR170. Handlers are not allowed to come to checkpoint Ursvattnet, other than to pick-up dropped dogs. This also means the musher carries food and supplies for CP Ursvattnet in the sled and rests with the team. Straw and water are available.

The reason we cannot have handlers coming to Ursvattnet is that the roads are very small in the (mainly wind mill) area and there is no parking space to accommodate handler cars/trailers.

In case of a dropped dog we will contact the handler and then he/she can drive to the checkpoint, which is about 40 mins drive from Strömsund. A clear road description is on the checkpoint information page, and most nav systems (such as Google maps) will also find the route for you if you type in ‘Ursvattnet’.

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