BIB Order Draw AR24

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Best way to start the new year: #BIB numbers for Amundsen – The Mid Scandinavian Sleddog Race are now drawn, in total random order 🙂 (see the videos below). Drawing AR180 Class Click on the picture to view the AR350-8 draw. Drawing AR350-12 … Continued

Our Principal Partners

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Today we want to say “Thank you” to the other two principal partners of Amundsen Race 2024, the third being engcon for supporting our sleddog race.🐾🐺🐾 The first one is Strömsunds kommun , the mother municipality of Amundsen Race in beautiful Jämtland who supports … Continued

Lead Dog Sponsor IBEX-Trade

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A big shout-out and Thank you to Erik Jennissen and his company Ibex-Trade for not only sponsoring @amundsen_race but even being there in person and working as a volunteer to support the sleddog race. IBEX-Trade is a young dynamic company, … Continued

Registration stop AR180 Class!

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We are excited to announce AR180 class, also eligible for the Swedish Championship Long Middle Distance, has now fully been booked. We allowed a total of 36 teams as the last two registrants came in at almost the same time … Continued

BIB Sponsors Krafft-Walzen & Second Chance

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Another main BIB sponsor is Krafft-Walzen, the owner-managed company of well known musher Michael Hess and his family. The company exists more than 150 years and produces high-end rollers and machines for various manufacturing companies, such as paper-, plastics- or … Continued

BIB Sponsors engcon & e-Component

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Introduction of #amundsenrace2024 BIBsponsors 1/2 We are really proud that so many of our sponsors stay with us and are continuously supporting Amundsen Race. Over the next few days we will introduce all these generous parties to you, whom all are … Continued

Registration stop AR-180 Class!

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It’s official: AR180 is now fully booked! But we can accommodate some more mushers in the AR350 (8 or 12 dog class). Thank you ALL for your trust in #amundsenrace! Any extra participants that sign-up for AR180 from today onward … Continued

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