BIB Sponsors Krafft-Walzen & Second Chance

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Another main BIB sponsor is Krafft-Walzen, the owner-managed company of well known musher Michael Hess and his family.

The company exists more than 150 years and produces high-end rollers and machines for various manufacturing companies, such as paper-, plastics- or metal processing industries.
Thank you KRAFFT WALZEN for supporting Amundsen Race 2024.

And a big „Thank You“ to Second Chance Osteopati Hund & Häst owned by musher Peggy de Kraa for supporting Amundsen – The Mid Scandinavian Sleddog Race 2024, too.

Osteopathy is a patient-centered manual healthcare discipline that emphasizes the relationship between body structure and function. An osteopath tries to create a complete picture of the patient’s health condition: comprehensive posture and movement analysis, neurological, orthopaedic and systemic examination and specific palpation.
Osteopathy can support your dog to relieve/remove pain, prevent problems, increase muscle strength, mobility and posture or even increase the effectiveness oft he training – especially for sleddogs.

Please contact Peggy de Kraa for an appointment if you think she can support your dogs or/and horses health.

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