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Today we want to say “Thank you” to the other two principal partners of Amundsen Race 2024, the third being engcon for supporting our sleddog race.

The first one is Strömsunds kommun , the mother municipality of Amundsen Race in beautiful Jämtland who supports us and we even have a lovely idea for the children of Strömsunds kommun next year….with a surprise at the start of Amundsen Race on Feb 22nd 2024 at our amazing area around Ströms Hembygdsförening .

The second one is Svenska Draghundsportförbundet and we are not only grateful for their support but it is even possible to have the Swedish Championship linked to our race next year. How amazing is that?!

SDSF stands for active sports with dogs and they support teams in all of the three different styles: winter (snow): the nordic style where the handler skis behind the dog(s) and the sled dog style where several dogs pull a sled and the handler stands on the sled. And we have dryland: running and cycling with one dog, kickbike with 1-2 dogs or with a cart up to eight dogs.

If you are interested in that kind of sport reach out to the Svenska Draghundsportförbundet for a club close to you.

See you at Strömsund on Feb 22, 2024 for #amundsensleddograce2024 .

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