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Cooperation with spanish long distance club

| 21:20

Amundsenrace have started a cooperation with the spanish long distance club Mushing Surfingpets infront of Amundserace 2018. Mushing Surfingpets aimes to get several of the musher in the clubb going to Sweden for... READ MORE

Amundsenrace 2018

| 20:00

The date for Amundsenrace 2018 is now determined to 22-25th of february 2018. New for 2018 is that the race will start at friday and hopefully we can be back in the beautiful... READ MORE

Thank you for Amundsen Race 2017

| 18:50

From the organization we like to send a big thanks to all participant, audience, collaborators, sponsors and volunteers for a well done Amundsen Race 2017. We got mostly postive comments at the mushermeeting... READ MORE

Last team in!

| 01:56

At 02.31 on Monday morning, German musher Jana Conradi crossed the finish line. She said the trip had been a long one and she was happy to end the race. There are now... READ MORE

Exciting last leg!

| 05:40

When the teams will leave Storåbränna 2, the equalization time has been added to their resting time, which means that the first team on the trail is also in the lead. According to... READ MORE

Important jobs

| 22:21

What would a race be without its volunteers? Amundsen Race is known for its hard working and happy volunteers. There are hectic times when many teams are on the way in or out... READ MORE