Veterinärer kommer att se efter hundarnas bästa, från det att hundarna besiktigas dagen innan tävlingsstart till dess att spannen kommer i mål.

Veterinärerna kommer att finnas tillhands för förare och hundar på varje checkpoint där de kan ge professionella råd och vägledning till varje förare. Hundar som tagits ur tävling tillses av veterinär på plats och kan få behandling om det behövs.

När sista spannet har passerat mållinjen utser veterinärerna föraren som de anser tog bäst hand om sina hundar under den 30 mil långa tävlingen. ”Best dog care” priset är ett mycket uppskattat inslag i samband med prisutdelningen och vinnaren av priset åker alltid hem som en enormt stolt förare.

Steinar Dagestad

Steinar Dagestad

Chief Veterinarian
Steinar Dagestad graduated as a veterinarian at the Norwegian Veterinary College in 1994. Steinar started at Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital in 2017.

Steinar is a Long-term competition veterinarian for sleddog races at home and abroad.


Hanna Smedstad

Hanna works everyday as a District Veterinarian in Brunflo with all kinds of animals.
She has several years of experience as race veterinarian during Femundløpet, Finnmarksløpet, Polardistans and Amundsen races in 2017,2018, 2022 and 2023.


Lotte Godijn

The Netherlands
I’m a veterinarian working in the Netherlands with small animals, particulary dogs and cats. Besides my work I like to travel, aspecialy when I can combine it with volunteer work with animals.

Last year I attented to Beaver Trap Trail as a veterinarian for the first time and got to experience the love for the husky dogs, nature of Sweden and the nice people during the race that I have met. So I am very happy that I can return to Sweden at the Amundsen race this year!

See you at the Vet check!

Tamar de Boer

The Netherlands
My name is Tamar de Boer. I grew up in Zwolle but have been living in Utrecht for almost 7 years now. I have always been crazy about animals. Even though we only had pets at home since I was 12, as a little girl I enjoyed staying with my uncles and aunts who had dogs. When I had to choose a study in my last year of high school, I quickly decided on Veterinary Medicine.

I was lucky that I was lotted in straight away and I immediately felt at home. I completed my studies with great pleasure. During my internships it became clear that I prefer to work in the practice. Within the veterinary practice, I am very interested in internal medicine and I feel most at home in the consultation room.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and your amazing athlete friends at Amundsen Race!


Sandra Tillmann

Vet Assistant and Dog Physiotherapist & Osteopath
My name is Sandra and I‘m a dogphysio and -osteopath. I have my own practice in Germany.
I also trained in Dry needling and Laser-Therapy.
I have Siberian Huskies and I do mushing over 18 years. I love combining both passions.
We try to travel to Sweden twice a year.

I‘m very happy to be there in February.


Erica Van Eekeren

Vet Assistant and Animal Physiotherapist
The Netherlands
I’m very happy to assist the vet team at the Amundsen Race again as an animal physiotherapist! Treating and rehabilitating sporting dogs is my passion, and sled dogs have captured my heart for many years!
In addition to the usual treatment methods of massage, mobilization and rehabilitation training, I’m specialized in the application of dry needling, kinesiotaping and lasertherapy.
Several mushers have already found their way to me in Månsberg, especially for a preventive check-up of their dogs. After all, “prevention is better than cure”!

I’m looking forward to meet you at the Amundsen Race: Have fun and good mush!