Sign up information for Amundsen Race 2018

First day of entry:  1th october 2017.

In order to be able to start the Amundsen Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race to be minimum 18 years old on the day of the start, have a valid racing license and the dogs on the team should be identity chip marked. Mushers who have a Swedish racing license also need to have the ‘Green Card’. The sign up is personal and can’t be submitted.

This is what you do to enter:
The entry form is to be found HERE 

After you filled in the entry form, you push the buttom “send registration” in the end of the entry form  and it will be send automaticly to:

Be sure to fill in your name and address. It is really appreciated if you could give some information about yourself; e.g. former races you have participated in, your website address, etc. We would also appreciate to get a photo of yourself that we can put on the website and in the magazine.

Your entry will be accepted and your name published on the website after your payment has been made.
IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to mention the name of the driver on the reference with the payment

Entry fee Amundsen Race 2018

12 dog class: 4.000 SEK
8 dog class: 3.500 SEK

After January 15th 2018, the entry-fee is raised with 1.000 SEK
to 5.000 SEK resp. 4.500 SEK
The entry fee should be paid to:

> Bank: Nordea, Sweden

> IBAN: SE57 9500 0099 6018 0685 8823


Regulations waiting list.
In case of more than 45 signed up teams, a waiting list will be established in order of sign up and date of payment. In case of a team dropping out from the entry list, the driver on the waiting list will be contacted immediately, and has to respond within 48 hours before January, 15th 2018 and within 24 hours after January, 15th 2018. If there is no response within the given timeframe, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted. Information on which place one is on the waiting list can be enquired with

With more than 45 entered teams, the date on the receipt of payment is determining the order of the waiting list. This is to provide drivers from abroad equal chance. In the event that more drivers have paid on the same date, a drawing will be held for the last places. Payment will be refunded to those drivers who cannot be admitted to the waiting list without a deduction of 1000 SEK. Should this happen, the concerned driver(s) will be contacted immediately.

Until January 15th 2018 the entry fee will be returned with deduction of 1000 SEK when not starting. After January 15th, a medical attest, in original, not a copy, or a veterinary attest in original for the entire team needs to be handed over to the race organization in order to get the entry fee refunded with a deduction of 1000 SEK. The attest is to be handed in no later than 14 days after the last day of the race.
A form with the dogs’ chip numbers should be shown in connection to the veterinary checks.

You will find the form here.

The race is at own risk, and the entrant should sign a liability statement which is delivered to the secretariat. Upon delivery of the statement, the bib number will be handed out. The statement form you find here .
For more information or questions contact:


Form for veterinary control
Form, stating that participation in the race is at own risk