Siberian husky merit 2018


Teams of FCI registered Siberian Huskies, (or AKC/CKC or KC) have the posibility to get Swedish merit results on their dogs recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), if there are a minimum of three Siberian Husky teams starting in each class.

Note: At Amundsen race it’s allowed to start a dog at 18 month of age, but to compete for merits and get the merit registrated at SKK all dog in the team must be at minimum 2 years and exist of only registered purebred dogs in order to be able to compete for merits.

In order to apply, we recommend to read the rules on the Swedish polar dog club website.

Fill in this merit form for 2017-2021: Anmälningsblankett.-Provtillfälle-2017-2021 and submit copies of the pedigrees upon registration at the race secretariat.

Notice: The original pedigrees must be shown upon registration at the secretariat.

Remember to make copies of all pedigrees, it’s not possible to make copies at the registration, so this has to have been done in advance.

If a musher decide not to fill in the merit form, the result will be reported in A-dog class and not with the pure breed team.

The merit fee is included in the main race entry fee.

If you have any questions regarding the merit for siberian husky, please send us an email.