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During the last preparation of the trail we had to do minor changes that has resulted in that stage 1 now is 120 km.

The organiztion has decided to make restingarea Gubbhögen to a wilderness checkpoint, there the participants are allowed to take some of their mandatory rest, with a maximum of 4 hours.

In the wilderness checkpoint no handlers is allowed and no depot is avalible. The musher will be provided straw, water, a campfire and vetenarian service. Dogs can not be left on the checkpoint, the only exception is if the veterinarian decides that tranport in the sled to next checkpoint will be a danger for the dogs health.


Rules wil be updated during the day.

Distance of the stages:

Start – wildernesschp. Gubbhögen : 85 km

wildernesschp. Gubbhögen- Chp Norråker 1 : 35 km

Chp. Norråker 1 – chp. Norråker 2 : 64 km

Chp. Norråker 2- Finish : 103 km


Toatl distance: 287 km

GPS file is coming during the day.

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