Exciting 12 dog team class

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The fastest teams in the 12 dog team class are now resting at the checkpoint Norråker 2 before going out on the last stretch of the race leading back to Strömsund, which is 103 km long. An exciting finish awaits! French musher Daniel Juillaguet will be the first one allowed to leave the checkpoint at 19.02, after all mandatory rest has been used. 12 minutes later, Håkan Nisula will start out.

Marco Wyss will have to wait until 19.40 before he get out on the trail, followed by Spanish musher Salva Luque 7 minutes later, who himself will be chased by Bernhard Klammer, leaving 2 minutes behind.

The last stretch is a long one and a lot can happen during the last 100 km. Hopefully, we’ll know which team is the fastest around midnight when dogs and mushers are expected to cross the finish line.

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