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For this year ‘s edition of the Amundsen Race we had, in addition to the usual banquet, a brief awards ceremony on Vattudalstorget in central Strömsund. Representatives from Strömsunds Municipality’s Children-, Culture and Education Committee Lena Johansson congratulated the winners in each class with gifts from Strömsunds Municipality

Winners 12 dog team: 1:st Ronny Grön och 3:rd Claes Arvidsson, 2:nd  Danielle Juillaguet (not present)

Winners 8 dog team: 1:st Jimmy Pettersson och 3:rd Tormod Andersen, 2:nd plats Kristin Åsheim (not present)


At the banquet all of our Winners was congratulated with nice prizes from several of our sponsors.

Best Dog Care: 12 dog team: Claes Arvidsson, 8 dog team: Kristin Åsheim.

Best Rookie: 12 dog team: Ronny Grön, 8 dog team: Sigurd Froestad

Best Local Musher from JFSHK: 12 dog team: Claes Arvidsson, 8 dog team: Jimmy Pettersson

Best Pure Breed: 12 dog team: Pascal Rebord, 8 dog team:Trond Lereng.

Red Lantern: Walter Kunz


At the prize table was nice prizes from the following sponsors :

Royal Canin


Vildmannens Drag






Östersunds Djursjukhus



Team Sportia

Amundsen Race handed out the following prize money in each class: 1:st prize 5000 SEK, 2:nd prize 3000 SEK and 3:rd prize 1000 SEK.


Many thanks to all participants, audience and sponsors for all the support and attendance at this year’s race.