Roberto Toscani

Sled Dog Club: Club Italiano Sleddog
Kennel Name: Ynot Sleddog Team
LD Experiences: Will be the first (I hope)

Breed: Siberian Husky
Number of dogs in your kennel: 10
Number of years mushing: 6

Occupation: Manager
Your hobbies: Sleddog and trekking and horse racess
Your family: 4

Why Long Distance: Because In my opinion is the unique way to enjoy Sleddog with my Siberian Huskies
Race strategy: First of all this year I hope to avoid renal colics. Take our time to arrive at the end for the race if and only if Dogs and I will feel good. Red lantern is my goal

Leaders in the team (name/age): Cage/7 Aaron/2

Your message: This will be my 3th year in Sweden and the amundsen. First year as handler last year renounced for renal colic this year I hope this my year for my first experience. Looking forward to see you again and as usual thank you for all.

AR Previous Results
2023: AR180 - DNS