Kinga Wasylewska

Sled Dog Club: Husky Fan Poland
Kennel Name: Cold Paws Kennel
LD Experiences: Polardistans, Sedivackuv Long, Amundsen

Breed: Siberian Husky
Number of dogs in your kennel: 28
Number of years mushing: 18

Occupation: Translator
Your family: Husband + 3 kids + over 25 siberians and 8 cats
Your hobbies: dogs 😉 astronomy and football

Why Long Distance: I love to spend LONG hours in woods with my dogs 😉 I love winter time and challenges.
Race strategy: Happy 8 tails at the finish line
Leaders in the team (name/age): Blanka and Solem – 2,5 years old

AR Previous Results
2022: AR170 - 24th place