Catherine Fontaine

Sled Dog Club: TNT
Kennel Name: Du Fur Rendez Vous
LD Experiences: Finnmarkslöpet, Femundlöpet, Amundsenrace, Polardistans etc

Breed: Siberian Husky
Number of dogs in your kennel: 21
Number of years mushing: 32

Occupation: Manager
Your family: Nolwenn, my grand daughter
Your hobbies: gardening, travelling around the world

Why Long Distance: to be alone with my dogs into the wild
Leaders in the team (name/age): Shelby 20 months, cobra 10 years, Scarlett 5 years, Lénine 6 years, Donna 4 years, Jaurès 6 years, Sundance 4 years, Vadso 4 years

AR Previous Results
2022: AR320-12 - DNS
2018: AR300-12 - 8th place
2010: AR300-12 - 16th place