Manuela Walter

Sled Dog Club: SKNH
Kennel Name: of Olenjok
LD Experiences: Karelia Charm (Finnland), AlpenTrail (Italy), AR300 2018, AR180 2022

Breed: Siberian Husky / Canadian Eskimo Dog
Number of dogs in your kennel: 23
Number of years mushing: 44

Your hobbies: Sled Dogs

Why Long Distance: Why not ? 🙂
Leaders in the team (name/age): Loupiak (8 years), Supra (2.5 years), Corvette (3 years), Miss Sophie (2.5 years)

Race strategy: Have fun
Your message: I will drive a mixed team out of Siberian Huskies and Canadian Eskimo Dogs.

AR Previous Results
2022: AR170-8 - 22th place
2018: AR300-12 - 13th place