Jaime Pou Cantallops

Sled Dog Club: Mushing Trail Leader Cinco Villas
Kennel Name: Sauerdogs
LD Experiences: The last race I did to complete it was the 300 km Sedivackuv Long Trail in the Czech Republic at the end of January 2020. It was the first time I slept in a bivouac in a competition and the longest stage was 75 km. We made such good friendships that you can say that I have my family in the Czech Republic. A great and very pleasant experience full of unforgettable emotions. Pirena 200 300 km finisher. Pirena 2010 300km DNF. Vercors Quest 2019 300 km. La Valgaude traineau 150 km. Snowrace 2019 150 km.

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Number of dogs in your kennel: 50
Number of years mushing: 17

Occupation: Professional Musher
Your hobbies: Cook! Nature, animals, dogs, meeting new friends, music, meditation

Why Long Distance: Because I love action and I am passionate about adventure in the middle of nature accompanied by the great protagonists, the noble and brave dogs. I love strategy in races, seeing new and beautiful places, exchanging opinions and learning with other mushers and meeting new people and making new friends.

Race strategy: Obtain the qualification in the 2024 Amundsen race in the month of February, participate in the FL-600 and also obtain the qualification to be able to participate in the FL-1200 in 2025. I am pursuing a great dream, to be able to make the jump to states united and participate in the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod race.

Leaders in the team (name/age): Shira 7, Xispas 6, Yana 7, Yoomee 7, koda 7, Nèthou 7, Tara 6, Yukon 6, Makawee 7.

Your message: I started in the world of mushing in 2005 with a team of adopted Nordic dogs and thanks to a great person and Spanish musher, Leon Vázquez; my mentor I have participated in several Spanish Championships on dirt and snow, in medium distance events on dirt in Spain. I have worked as part of the organizing team of Pirena, the white route of the Pyrenees in 2008. For 10 years, from 2010 to 2020, I have worked as a professional musher at the Aramón Cerler ski resort in the Valle de Benasque. I am currently working with an educational program for emotional development and balance, mushing; an educational adventure for schools and also in the Pineta Valley, in the town of Bielsa working independently as a professional musher carrying out activities with sled dogs. In 2021 we shot a short film titled Sauerdogs (Sourdoughs), one of Jack London's short stories brought to the big screen, directed by Guillermo De Oliveira and produced by the film production company Zapruder Pictures, training and working for 3 months on the adapted script for Arwen in the role of Carmen, a beautiful 10-year-old Alaskan malamute. For me, the meaning of life is to treasure the loyalty of each of my coworkers, these beautiful beings that are dogs. Every day I go to sleep thinking about them and when I wake up I do so with them in my head, because they are my big family. I have been working passionately with dogs since I was 17 years old, they are my life with the grateful help of my wife, Susana and my children, Cati Sara, Jorge and Jaime. It will be an honor and pleasure to meet you, we see you in the departure leader, greetings, carefully, Jaime.