Julie Travadon-Coutelier

Sled Dog Club: FFST
Kennel Name: Blau Fontein
LD Experiences: Finnmarkslopet 500, Femundlopet 400 and 200, Tobacco Trail

Breed: Siberian Husky
Number of dogs in your kennel: 25
Number of years mushing: 25

Occupation: Strategy Director at Expedia Group
Your family: My husband Raphael and our daughters Lara and Nikita; my mother Isabelle Travadon, my father Philippe Travadon, my brother David Dragesco

Your hobbies: Sled dog racing, hiking, ski touring, enduro motorbike, horse back riding

Why Long Distance: Surpassing myself in the nature and wilderness with my beloved dogs – this is where I feel alive and good
Race strategy: I just had my second daughter and so have two under two (kids), so the goal is to bring the dogs and myself to the finish line in a good condition and spirits.
Leaders in the team (name/age): Too many leaders in our teams to call them all out. One of the best: Mac 7yo