Housing options in and around Storåbränna and Strömsund.

The following will take place in the town of Stromsund: registration, veterinary check up and mushermeeting. In Storåbränna: Start, Checkpoint 1+2, the finish line and banquet.

Start, Checkpoints and finish are located at Storåbränna.

We cooperate with Big River Camp and the owner, Berne, have spared camping cabins and some rooms at his new hotel for Amundsenrace until 1th of november. It can be booked via the Big River Camp website:

Additional cabins located near Storåbränna are available in Lakavttnet, 9 km north of Storåbränna.
Book online via Big River Camp: http://www.bigrivercamp.se

20 km south of Storåbränna, in direction of Strömsund. Offers additional housing alternatives
Contact Mikael Frestadius: 0046 (0)70-637 54 71 for booking.



Strömsund Camping
Booking via The Tourist Bureau in Strömsund: 0670-164 00
webpage for Strömsunds camping http://www.stromsund.se/stromsundscamping

Nordica Hotel
rooms can be booked at the hotel website:
0670-61 10 00
as well, registration and the veterinary check will take place at the Nordica hotel

Grand Hotell
located in the middle of the town of stromsund
0670-61 10 00

Privata stugor
private cabins are available for rental and can be found at the main website for Stromsund

offers a youth hostel located 5 km south of Strömsund