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Introduction of #amundsenrace2024 BIBsponsors 1/2

We are really proud that so many of our sponsors stay with us and are continuously supporting Amundsen Race.

Over the next few days we will introduce all these generous parties to you, whom all are so important to be able to execute a good race!

First up we welcome our loyal head sponsor engcon back!
Those of you who followed the race before know their logo from the BIB’s. Engcon is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative attachments for excavators. The company was founded in 1990, here in #strömsund and over 30 years later still has its headquarters in the town, but nowadays has offices and production companies all over the world. The company’s motto: #changetheworldofdigging, which they do very successfully!

Tack så mycket Engcon!


Second sponsor is e-Component, were Strömsunds Kvalitetslego AB and LegoSvetz AB merged under the new name on September 1, 2020. It is another Strömsund based company that is well known as a leading supplier of complete solutions in welding, machining and assembly or in their own words: ”När bra blir ännu bättre”.

Tack så mycket e-Component!
E-Component Sweden AB


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