Hanna Smedstad, head veterinarian, Sweden

Hanna Smedstad, from Sweden, is this year head veterinarian of Amundsen Race. She has several years experience from both Femund- and Finnmarksløpet, Polardistans ande Amundsen race.

The veterinarians will check the dogs health throughout the entire race. From the time the dogs are inspected the day before the start, and when the teams reach the finish line.

Veterinarians will be at every checkpoint, where they can give advice and guidance to each musher. Dropped dogs will be checked by a veterinarian at the checkpoint, and treatment can be giving if needed.

When the last team has passed the finish line, all race veterinarians will gather and vote for the Best Dog Care award, one of the most prestigious awards a musher can get.

Veterinarian team 2018

Hanna Smedstad – Head veterinarian – Sweden
Sergio Maffi – Italy.
Kristin Sandstad, Sweden.