• The ‘Status’ field indicates ❌: Scratched, DNS: Did Not Start, ⏲️: Over Time Limit, ⚠️: Disqualified
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Jimmy Petterson

Sled Dog Club: Norråkers IF
Kennel Name: Team Pettersson

  • Checkpoint = The checkpoint the musher has arrived or left.
  • Time In = Time the musher arrived into the checkpoint.
  • Dogs In = The number of dogs the musher arrived with into the checkpoint.
  • Pos In = The mushers position when arrived at the checkpoint.
  • Time Out = Time the musher left the checkpoint.
  • Dogs Out = The number of dogs the musher has left with.
  • Pos Out = The mushers position when left the checkpoint.
  • Enroute = Time the musher was on the trail.
  • SPD = Average Speed of the run.
  • Σ Enroute = Accumulated time on the trail.
  • Stop Time = Stop Time in the checkpoint.
  • Σ Stop = Accumulated stop time in the checkpoint.
  • (%) Stop = Σ Stop as percentage Σ Enroute time. 50% is equal time Enroute vs Stop time.
  • Pause = ✔️: Mandatory Resting Period has been taken.
  • Left = Mandatory Layover Time + Time Alignment left to be taken.
  • Status = Current status ( Scratched, Withdrawn, Disqualified, Over Time Limit )
  • DST = Distance (km) to the checkpoint.
  • Σ DST = Accumulated Distance (km) to this checkpoint