• Orange row indicates change since last update. This page will refresh every minute to display the latest standings.
  • Status field indicates: DNS = Withdrawn, ❌ = Scratched, DSQ = Disqualified, OTL = Over Time Limit, ✔️ = Mandatory Rest Taken.
  •   1   Green Pos color indicates finished.
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AR Race Time:
  • Pos = Current position in the race.
  • Bib = The number on the BIB, that is used to identify entrants in the race.
  • Time Out = Time Out the musher left the checkpoint.
  • Enroute Time = Time the musher is/was on the trail to the checkpoint.
  • Time In = The time when the musher has arrived into the checkpoint.
  • Speed = Average Speed on the route (km/h).
  • Stop Time = Current stop time in the checkpoint.
  • Status = Status in the checkpoint ( Scratched, Withdrawn, Disqualified, Over Time Limit, Mandatory Pause Take.)