Drawing of startingorder

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16 february we are drawing the startingorder of Amundsen race 2018 Until 15th of february it’s possible to change between 8- and 12- teamdog classes, If changes from 8 to 12 dogteam class the difference of fee must be payed, … Continued

Veterinarian team 2018

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After several years as a veterinarian at Amundsen race, Steinar Dagestad decided to do other things this winter. We are glad to present a swedish veterinarian as chief of the team this year, Hanna Smedstad.   Hanna works on daily … Continued

Important news!

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After an extra board meeting this week we have decided that Amundsenrace 2018 will be re-routed towards the village of Norråker (instead of Storåbränna). Start and finish will be in Strömsund and checkponit will be in Norråker. The reason for … Continued

1 week left!!

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1th october kl 00.00 registration opens for Amundsen Race 2018. Information about registration and payment etc. you will find here  In 2018 the start will be back in Strömsund, but the start will be on a friday afternoon, finish line and … Continued

Amundsenrace 2018

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The date for Amundsenrace 2018 is now determined to 22-25th of february 2018. New for 2018 is that the race will start at friday and hopefully we can be back in the beautiful surroundings in Strömsund where teh race stated … Continued

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