Working as a volunteer on a long distance race means lots of waiting, waiting for the mushers to arrive and being ready when the teams show up. Foto: Claes Arvidsson    

Happy volunteers

A trademark for the Amundsen Race has been its nice, happy and helpful volunteers. It seems that the tradition was carried on this year also! Thank you to all of you wonderful volunteers for helping out, making this race an … Continued

Our co-worker

For several years now, Cia Sundkvist has been involved in organizing the Amundsen Race, as she did this year also but instead of helping out as a volunteer during the race itself, she decided to race with her 8 dog … Continued

Another fighter

Kevin Koene from the Netherlands is another jolly musher. Last year, because of a snowstorm and after a lot of thinking and torment, he decided to scratch the race. Now, he’s trying anew. There is also a lot of snow … Continued

Thank you to all our sponsors for partnering with Amundsen Race

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