Program 2018

Preliminary Program

Thursday 22 th February

Location: Strömsund

Registration and veterinary check

The secretary is open for checking in, weighing of mandatory food, control of vaccination booklets, chip marking and sale of tickets for the banquet (is included in the entry fee for musher’s)

ALL dogs must be checked before start.

Friday 23th February

Location: Strömsund

Musher meeting  

       Mandatory for all musher’s and handlers (control). Presentation of prizes and sponsors.

16:00 The Amundsen – Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race 2018 starts in Strömsund!


Saturday 24th February

Location: Storåbränna

The race will go on in the area around Storåbränna.


Sunday 25th February

Location: Storåbränna

The winning teams are expected to the finish in Storåbränna during the night between saturday and sunday, depending on                 weather conditions.

08:00 Latest time to leave the 3rd  (last) checkpoint towards the finish line.

       15:00  Latest time to reach the finish line.

16:00  Evaluation meeting at Big River Camp.

18:00  Banquet and prize ceremony in Storåbränna